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I Judge the quality of my life by the amount of time I spend exploring the outdoors and helping people learn.  For me, most of my outdoor time is spent canoeing and hawking, but I also enjoy birding, participating in various races, and whenever I can, I like to travel.

Canoeing is in my blood, and I am never completely happy unless I have the next big trip on the agenda.  Come look at some trips from the past, and maybe inspire one for the future.

Birding provides a challenge to explore the natural world looking for specific animals.  Every new species seen is a special experience, and the old favorites are fun to watch as they change throughout the year. 

Regardless of how you finish, it is important to enter and try as hard as you can.  I don't usually place well, but try to always finish, and end up stronger at the end.

Building a relationship with a wild raptor transports me back thousands of years every time I slip the hood of her head, and cast her off into the sky.  I am an apprentice falconer, currently flying my second red tail hawk Amenti.  To learn more about falconry, look inside.  

Through traveling much is learned about different places and peoples.  Traveling continues to broaden my outlook on the world.  I have spent time in North America, South America, Europe and South East Asia.  Hop Aboard this adventure. 

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."

Charles Darwin

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