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Engaging in Science helps satisfy my curiosity about the world.  I always am immersed into one project or another.  Here are some projects I am working on or have worked on.  Pictured in the background is Dendrobates tinctorius.  I took this picture while researching their evolution in French Guiana.
City Scale Energetics


I currently am working on the second phase of a project with the Richard Hill Lab looking into the different scales at which energy is used by organisms.  The first phase of the project on which I also worked resulted in a PLOS One paper.  



Soft Corals and Ocean Acidification


I am currently leading a project at the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center looking at how Ocean Acidification will impact non-calcium-secreting corals.  This we are doing by growing soft corals under historic, current, and IPCC predicted future ocean pH conditions.  

Poison Frogs


I have worked with frogs of the family Dendrobatidae on projects in Panama and Nicaragua with JP Lawrence of the Urquhart Lab from MSU, and French Guiana with the Noonan Lab from Old Miss.  Through these projects, I helped determine limits to dart frog population (Panama), rebuild population after a hurricane (Nicaragua), and determine what about them predators recognize (French Guiana).  I also worked on a project looking at impacts of globalization on amphibian diversity in Nicaragua under Dr. Urquhart.  

Energetics of Red Squirrels 
I spent a year working with red squirrels on a Fulbright in Canada's Yukon Territory as part of a project with the University of Alberta, and McGill University.  The project seeks to understand the role of food in the ecology and evolution of red squirrels.  
Study Abroad


The best way to learn biology is in the field.  Because of this, I took part in study abroad programs through MSU to Nicaragua, Borneo, and Galapagos.  I was invited back to Borneo as the TA the following summer.  Through the Borneo Program with Pam Rasmussen, I learned to love birds.  There I made recordings of birds for Project Avocet

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