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I completed my internship year (student teaching) at HHS.  At Holt, I taught Biology and Chemistry, and was introduced to inquiry-based learning.  I learned how to teach and manage from some absolutely amazing educators.

After participating in Wild Borneo: Biodiversity of Southeast Asia as a student, I was invited back as the TA the following season.  As TA, I helped organize trip logistics, as well as lead labs into the rainforest, gave lectures, and created and graded exams.  


Since my time as a counselor at Boy Scout Camp when I was 15 years old, I have been facilitating the acquisition of knowledge by people.  While teaching at school, I do this by setting up situations where they are able to discover how the world works through a modeling approach.  Since 2016, I have been teaching at Northwest High School in Germantown, MD.  

I am a member of the AMTA, and have fully immersed my classes in the modeling method.  With this method, students perform an investigating activity, and then work in groups to come up with an explanation to the phenomenon observed.  Where groups differ, additional investigations are conducted to resolve this.  Students discover phenomena for themselves, giving them ownership over their learning.  

FalI 2014 - Summer 2016 I taught five classes at the Center: Sophomore Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Forensic Science, and Freshman Technology.  I also organize and co-teach a course on Global Climate Change.  I use a modeling approach to my instruction, and integrate technology and communication into my instruction through the extensive use of Edmodo.  I strive to teach the process of science, not just disconnected facts.

Albert Einstein

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” 

MSU Study Abroad:
Wild Borneo, TA
MSU Study Abroad:
Wild Borneo, TA

For three semesters I was an Undergraduate Learning Assistant for Calculus 1 in Lyman Briggs College at MSU for Hanni Nichols.  There I taught recitation weekly, graded tests, held office hours, and hosted review sessions.  This experience helped show me how much I enjoy spending time in the classroom.  

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