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I have been very blessed to have had the opprotunity to travel to many places around the world for study and pleasure.  I hope to continue being able to see the corners of the Earth.

I grew up in Michigan, canoed through 13 states, collected data in Yukon, and studied in Montreal and Edmonton.  In the summer of 2015, I road tripped across the American west to explore desert and montain ecosystems in depth for the first time.


I have been to iceland to see the glaciers, and toured Europe with my grandmother who wanted one more trip back to where she lived just after the war.  The trip with Grandma has been the only big trip I have made for social purposes.  

South and Central America

With Study abroads to Equador/Galapagos, and Nicaragua along with Research in Nicaragua, Panama, and French Guiana, I have spent more time in Latin America than anywhere other than my home contenent.  I very much enjoy the different rain forests here because their amphibian life is so vibrant.  


With Study Abroad in Borneo, I had the opprotunity to explore biodiversity in Southeast Asia.  Someday, I would like to see the steepe and attend the Eagle Festival.  

"You should go on a trip of a life time at least once a year."

Anthony Muhich

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